9:00am | Frank Lee |  banjo | intermediate

Clawhammer Banjo

Frank is excited to teach you one or two of his favorite tunes to play in clawhmmer style on the banjo. He'll show you the tuning, tab, and tricks to help you with not only the tunes he teaches but anything you play.

10:00am | Meredith McIntosh | all instruments/fiddle | all levels |  Play and Zoom Smart + Learn "Sally Ann" from Yancey County, NC

The first 30-40 minutes of class will give you some ideas about playing with ease and reducing the chance of injury from playing. Also, since most of us are Zooming these days, Meredith will give some pointers about relating to that ominous blue-ish screen in a sane not being sucked in and unconscious about how you are mentally and physically spending all those moments! In the remaining time, Meredith will lead (on fiddle) a version of Sally Ann from fiddler Welzie Chrisawn (Yancey County, NC) that she learned from Bruce Greene many years ago. All instruments welcome. While learning the tune, we can all be practicing playing with ease and awareness!

11:00am | Deb Shebish | all instruments/fiddle | beginners & up | Playing Tunes You Don't Know

In this workshop for all instruments but especially fiddle, Deb will teach you practical skills and strategies to help you seamlessly join in on tunes that are new to you. We will cover jam etiquette, sharpening your listening skills, and how to gradually join in the jam as you learn a tune on the fly.

Susan will share her passion for Appalachian ballads sharing & teaching a few old mountain songs (unaccompanied). This is a time to feed our spirits with songs you can "take home" and sing anywhere! The ornamentation and poetry of the old songs make them a delight to learn. No experience necessary - just bring your voice. And know you will have the comfort of your mute button in this virtual workshop.

1:00 | Mac Traynham | fiddle | intermediate/advanced

Ancient tunes for fiddle in DDAD

Mac will first will first show you how to quickly change a fiddle tuned in standard violin tuning to one of the oldest solo tunings without the need for a tuner. Warm-up techniques to locate octave and unison noting positions while bowing pairs of strings to balance the drone and melody sounds will be demonstrated. Mac will ‘unmask’ the bowing and other nuances of several DDAD tunes from old-timer mountain sources to get that ‘ancient’ sound.

2:00 | Hanna Traynham | banjo | intermediate

Blue Ridge Dance tunes in D

Hanna Traynham grew up surrounded by the sounds and excitement of square dances. Several tunes that fit well with traditional fiddle rhythms will be taught using basic and intermediate clawhammer techniques including the drop thumb and strum roll. The same tunes will be taught to fiddle players by MacTraynham so that you and a fiddling friend from his class can jam and potentially attract some dancers for bigger fun.

3:00 | Travis Stuart | banjo | intermediate/advanced 

Various Mountain Two-Finger Banjo Styles

Travis will reveal two-finger banjo playing styles from some of the late banjo masters of the Appalachians. The class will cover playing with a fiddler, regional styles within the Appalachians, chord structures for playing waltzes, and accompaniment for songs. The class will also cover jam sessions, general tips for getting good tone, and some basic music theory for exploring the banjo neck. Participants will find expression in the music with a focus on listening. They will explore possibilities in variations of tunes, maintaining rhythmic integrity rather than focusing on speed and technical display.

4:00 | Ann Whitley | voice/all instruments | beginners & up 

Carter Family Song Swap

Come to this workshop if you love to sing and want to dive into some familiar and not so familiar Carter Family songs. We’ll touch on finding the key to fit the lead singer’s voice, harmony singing, using a capo, what the Nashville Numbering System is all about. We will look at a variety of Carter Family songs and maybe find out some new things about three people who literally launched a new era of country music. Share one of your favorite Carter Family songs with the group if you'd like. ​

5:00 | Emily Schaad | fiddle | beginners & up

Beginning Old Time Fiddle

Emily is an experienced teacher and versatile fiddler, playing both classical and old time music. Yes, both ends of the spectrum! She will teach a straightforward old time tune in standard tuning and add a couple of extra bowing options. If there's time, she'll be happy to take a bit of fiddle Q&A as well.

6:00 | Joe Thrift | fiddle | confident beginners & up

Joe Thrift Originals

Master fiddle builder and player Joe Thrift from Elkin, NC will teach several of his original fiddle tunes known and played in old time jams across the country: "Whiteface," "Bob's Farewell," and "Little Boy in the Boat."

12:00 | Susan Pepper | voice | beginners & up

Mountain Songs for the Soul


9:00am | Frank Lee |  banjo | advanced

Frailing Outside the Box

Frank has a unique approach to clawhammer playing. Find out how he reinvents right hand techniques like drop thumb and the cluck along with left hand noting and ghosting to get that funky, syncopated, melodic sound. Insights into following a fiddler's style will be shared also.

10:00 | Allie Lee | guitar | intermediate

Fun with Backup Guitar 

Can you transition between basic chords and hold down a beat but want to do more with your guitar playing? Allie will help you take your boom-chuck to the next level with this workshop! Bass lines, runs, and creating a groove are topics we will cover to help you improve your rhythm guitar style. Close listening to source recordings will be the inspiration for the noises we're making. We will focus on the G, C, D, and A chords. You'll need a thick flat pick, your guitar, and a tuner.

11:00 | Deb Shebish | fiddle | intermediate/advanced

Repertoire Ramp-up: Obscure Tunes from Joe Dawson

Deb will teach a few of her favorite tunes from Indiana fiddler Joe Dawson (1928-2012). Joe Dawson was an old-time fiddler from south-central Indiana who grew up deeply immersed in the traditional music of the area. Deb me5 Joe in 2000, and she loves to share his unique style and repertoire that she learned from his weekly living room jams in Bloomington, IN.

12:00 | Susan Pepper | voice | beginners & up

Song Jam

Susan will play, sing, and lead some of her favorite ballads and songs. You're invited to share your favorites too!

1:00 | Mac Traynham | fiddle | intermediate

Blue Ridge Dances tunes in D for Old-time Fiddle

Mac Traynham has played either banjo or fiddle for flatfoot dancers since the late 1970’s. Several tunes that fit well with traditional clawhammer banjo rhythms will be taught using basic bowing patterns employing slurs, shuffles, and syncopation. The same tunes will be taught to banjo players by Hanna Traynham so that you and a banjo friend from her class can jam and potentially attract some dancers for bigger fun.

2:00 | Hanna Traynham | banjo |  intermediate/advanced

Alternate tunings in G for Clawhammer Banjo

Uncommon tunings on the banjo are an effective way to change the atmosphere of well known tunes. We’ll begin in open G tuning and make our way to two other G tunings which are also fun to jam in; gDGDE and gEADE. These somewhat versatile yet obscure tunings make playing in G a whole new experience.

3:00 | John Engle| fiddle | intermediate/advanced

Reading Notation for Fiddle


Learn to read notation in a way tailored to fiddling. Using something more like observing than thinking, we'll look at a way to get your fingers where they need to go without a head full of note names. Especially when used as a supplement to listening and watching, notation can become like the notes you might use to remind yourself of anything else.

4:00 | Allie Lee | harmonica | beginners & up

First Position Harmonica for Old Time Jamming

Hyperventilate in a musical way with the affordable, portable, low-maintenance, humble harmonica, an instrument that has been included in old time music occasionally and fits into a lot of other genres as well. Far from being just a child's toy, the harmonica is a great gateway instrument that can help you learn music theory and basics of playing with others. In this workshop, you'll learn a 6-step process you can use for any song that will take you from making basic noises on your harmonica to playing melodies by ear. Allie will teach the workshop using a C harmonica, but thanks to your mute button, you could use whatever key of diatonic harmonica you have lying around.

5:00 | David Bass | fiddle | intermediate/advanced

Old Time Fiddle Tunes and the Internet

David will teach 2 or 3 tunes from specific study sources and also put out a "play list" of war horses and gems in different hidey places that you can study on or just enjoy.

6:00 | Emily Schadd | fiddle | intermediate/advanced

Intermediate Old Time Fiddle

Emily is an experienced teacher and versatile fiddler, playing both classical and old time music. Yes, both ends of the spectrum! She'll teach a tune in cross tuning with emphasis on rhythmic bowing patterns.

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