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The Singing Frolic

Are you disappointed with your singing?

* Do you struggle to stay on pitch?
* Are you frustrated with your attempts at harmony singing?
* Are you unable to find joy when you sing?
* Do you need new time-tested songs to sing?
* Do you cringe when you hear recordings of your singing?
* Do you struggle to remember words to songs?

Frank & Allie love singing.

Not only is it a wonderful feeling in your body and soul, but it also is fun!

From Carter Family pieces to Blind Willie Johnson spirituals, come sing old songs in harmony with us  in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Meet Frank

Frank was way into banjo for many years before he started singing. He began singing in a bluegrass band and later founded the world-traveling, influential  old time band The Freight Hoppers where he sang lead and harmony. His solo album ARTSEEN (2004) features his singing as well as slide guitar and gourd banjo playing. Frank believes in the healing power of singing and says it's never too late to start!

Meet Allie

Allie has been singing since she said her first words. While she never gave singing formal study other than voice lessons, she performed in choirs, musicals, bands, and churches throughout high school and college. She founded a band called The Whipstitch Sallies (2010-2016) with good friends that featured their singing, and fans of the band noticed the growth of her voice while the band was active. She has been singing with Frank for 4 years and loves the duo vocal format for its versatility. A natural and trained teacher, Allie loves helping others develop new skills and looks forward to sharing songs and singing tips with you.