We are Frank & Allie Lee. We are touring, professional musicians working as a duo and with our two bands, The Freight Hoppers and The Smoky Mountaineers.


In our travels, we often are asked to lead workshops. Sometimes clawhammer banjo workshops, or guitar. Sometimes harmony singing. Sometimes just the concept of old time jamming!

With our old time music retreat the Banjo-Fiddle Frolic selling out for April 2020 within a month, we thought it would be fun to add a new retreat weekend to our calendar right here at home. Since the Banjo-Fiddle Frolic is all about tunes and instrumental old time jamming, we decided we'd dedicate a weekend to sharing our other musical passion - singing.

Like the Banjo-Fiddle Frolic, this will be a retreat-style weekend with workshops, one-on-ones, good food, fellowship, and a relaxed atmosphere. 

What will be different in addition to the musical focus is the venue, the number of instructors, and the number of participants.


The Singing Frolic will just be taught by Frank and Allie, and our capacity will be 12 participants.

Our workshops will integrate songs with tips and practical strategies to improve your singing. And we will take the goals & questions you bring and integrate them into the instruction too!

Songs we will cover include ones with harmony on the original recordings as well as ones we have added harmony to in our duo arrangements, such as these:

- "Anchored In Love" (The Carter Family)

- "Come And Go With Me" (Blind Willie Johnson)

- "Turn Your Radio On" (The Blue Sky Boys)

- "The Sailor and the Soldier" (traditional)

- "Lazy Farmer" (traditional)

- "NuGrape" (NuGrape twins)

Is there a song you've heard us sing that you'd like us to include in the workshops? Just let us know after you sign up, and we will add it to the plans!